Free & Exclusive


Download “Outlier EP (2016)” for Free off of Bandcamp!

Released in 2016, the Outlier EP was the very official project I made. DOWNLOAD HERE

At this time, my mind and perception of the world was completely different. I made this EP in 2014 during my time at Musician’s Institute and prior to this release, I was producing for about 3 years and rapping for less than 1. You can imagine the difference in quality and talent when comparing it to my music today…

As embarrassing as it is for me to share this old music that I cringe to today, I wanted to give it to you all fo free! Download it off of my Bandcamp and let me know your favorite song off of it!

Free “Something” Download

Released as an exclusive download-only song. DOWNLOAD HERE

This song began as a small clip that I made to post on my Instagram and Tiktok, and it slowly turned into a full song that I showcased one verse at a time. Rather than making it into an official release, I decided to drop this as a free downloadable song. More info in my blog post here!

Starlight Strings Guitar Loop Pack ($10)

Are you looking for beautiful high quality guitar loops? Well you’re in luck!

My Starlight Strings Guitar Loop Pack comes with:

  • 10 unique clean electric guitar loops that are perfect for Hip Hop and Lo-fi music!
  • Each loop has a pair of recordings (Right/Left).
  • 4 completed song clips using the guitar loops.
  • Thank you letter.

Purchase the pack here!