Free & Exclusive

Free “Something” Download

Released as an exclusive download-only song. DOWNLOAD HERE

This song began as a small clip that I made to post on my Instagram and Tiktok, and it slowly turned into a full song that I showcased one verse at a time. Rather than making it into an official release, I decided to drop this as a free downloadable song. More info in my blog post here!

Starlight Strings Guitar Loop Pack ($10)

Are you looking for beautiful high quality guitar loops? Well you’re in luck!

My Starlight Strings Guitar Loop Pack comes with:

  • 10 unique clean electric guitar loops that are perfect for Hip Hop and Lo-fi music!
  • Each loop has a pair of recordings (Right/Left).
  • 4 completed song clips using the guitar loops.
  • Thank you letter.

Purchase the pack here!

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