Outlier EP – Breaking it Down

So I released an EP back in 2016. I ended up taking it down because nobody was listening to it and honestly, it doesn’t really live up to the music I’ve released more recently. 

To give you some context, I dropped this EP, released a few singles here and there, took a break from releasing music, and started dropping tracks regularly in 2020 after signing with Pacific Records.

I felt it would be a waste if I kept the EP under wraps so I decided to release it as a free download. Well… almost free. I’m trading it for an email but you won’t regret signing up to my email list. I send monthly updates on content and news – nothing intrusive or annoying, promise. Sign up for my email list! It helps a lot. But anyway, let’s move on.

So I made this EP in 2016 and decided to make a video discussing where I was mentally at that moment and how this project helped me grow as a person/musician. You can hear all about it in the video below.

Did you watch the video? Don’t worry, if you read further, you won’t see repeated information aside from a few things here and there.

If you listen to my more recent music, you probably know what kind of artist I am. If you haven’t, well… go listen to it. I don’t think it’s all that bad.

Listening back through the EP makes me laugh because I was trying so hard to find my style. I was heavily influenced by conscious and underground Hip Hop (Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, Common Market, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc.). Today, I probably would mention other artists as my influences. What I’m trying to say is that I was in the process of finding my footing as a rapper, and you can probably pick up on it.

Nowadays, I make music that is very much true to who I am whereas for some of the songs on this EP (“Besides Yourself” and “Walk Away”), I was going for a direction that I probably wasn’t able to capture completely. If you listen to “SaMo Life”, “Blue”, and “True Bliss”, the style in those songs is much more in line with my current music. If I were to show off this EP, I’d show those three songs first.

Although I’m not entirely comfortable showing this music to people, it was a very important project in my life. Not only was it the type of milestone that changed my life as mentioned in my video, but it was also a project that improved my music substantially.

Songs and projects that flop are the stepping stones toward a more refined sound. As much as the EP makes me cringe, I’m appreciative of the fact that I went through the initial decision to even create and release it.

So this is me tipping my glass towards this EP. Yeah, it kind of sounds conceited, but what I mean is that I appreciate this project for what it did for me, even though not many people ever listened to it.

Download the Outlier EP on Bandcamp for free!

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