“Good Right Now” – Why I Wrote It

My newest single just dropped on Friday, November 6th called “Good Right Now”. This is the fourth song I’ve dropped with Pacific Records, and with each release, I’ve learned more and more. As I always want to provide value to my audience, I thought it would be nice for me to share what inspired me to write this song.

Artwork by Cassandra Chu – @cass.paints on IG

Now, to give you some perspective, your boy is 26 years old. Yeah, I’m not that old but I’m also not that young either. In short, this song is about how I miss being a dumb kid with no responsibilities. Now I’m just dumb. Some may say this song is a result of someone going through a quarter-life crisis, and I wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I’m at a point in my life where I’m very aware and reflective of the actions I’ve taken. As I ruffled through my past memories, I realized that as time moves on, opportunities for my nostalgia to arise will only increase. I’ll never experience the days where I roamed around the town with my squad with no worries doing whatever I wanted, having my first few flings, and experiencing the new world around me. The further that time separates me from my nostalgic memories, the more bittersweet I feel looking back in my past, but to wallow over it would be counterproductive. As blue as I feel about not reliving my youth, there are a whole lot more to look forward to. I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, and I’d rather spread that positive thinking when it comes to my music.

There’s one specific detail I want to talk about because I’m pretty sure it’ll go over people’s heads. The song starts with waves crashing, and there is a reason for that. The beach and surf culture has had a huge influence on my childhood. When I think of nostalgic memories, I think of when my god-brother and I used to throw our birthday parties at Topanga Beach when we were around the age of eight (or however old I was in the picture below). When I was still chilling in a crib, my dad used to take me to the beach to surf and leave me next to the lifeguard station while he hit the waves, checking on me every-so-often when the sets have passed. So yeah, the beach is like home to me, and that’s why I included the waves at the beginning and the end of the song (as my life started near the beach and in hopes that I pass close to it as well).

Kubota as a young kid at Topanga Beach.

And that’s pretty much what this song is about. It’s a piece that is very close to my heart (although all of my songs are). I hope you relate to it a bit more now that you’ve gotten more details about it. Let me know if you’re going through a quarter-life crisis or something like what I have been going through. I’d love to know.

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