Download “Something” for Free!

So every few posts on my Instagram, I like to make a short clip of a song and record myself performing it. This song that I just dropped called “Something” was conceived as one of these IG posts.

Cover for “Something”

On September 30th, I posted this reel posing the question who I sounded like or what genre I fit it in the best. Soon after, I decided to make the first verse. Then the second. And once I knew it, I had a full song ready to go, but people following my IG were already aware for its existence. Then came the decision to release this as a free downloadable song!

If you want, click here for the song!

Also, I combined all the reels videos together to make a little music video on my YouTube page (subscribe for more content).

In the end of this, I learned that not all my music has to be a big release where I put in a ton of effort. This was the beginning of a lot of music that I’ll release for free, so keep me in mind and follow my socials for more updates!


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