The Release of “I’ve Got a Feeling” and How I Prepared for it

Welp. It’s finally here. Following my most successful release with “You Are” comes a song that I hope will do much better – “I’ve Got a Feeling“.

With each release comes new lessons, and I can confidently say that I prepared the most for this one. Rather than going on about what this song is about (I’ll be releasing a Lyric Breakdown video soon), I thought I’d lay out what I did to prepare for this release.

For those of you who are artists or musicians, this might really help you out. Or, I might be restating things you already know. Either way, I hope it helps.

1. Double check your song.

This one is so obvious, but I’ve made the mistake of releasing music that wasn’t ready to be heard. As someone who produces all the instrumentals, writes all the lyrics, and mixes the projects himself, small details can be easily overlooked. To avoid this, I go through numerous processes with each step. Double check your instrumental (if you created it). Double check your lyrics. Double check your delivery. Double check the changes you made to the beat and vocals. If you mix it yourself, quadruple check your mix. Same goes for mastering. If you aren’t comfortable with what you have, even with a small detail, change it. It feels so much better in the long run.

2. Prepare your marketing materials.

Marketing your music is hard. A lot of artists don’t know how to market themselves; me included. I’ve only recently started to gain a general understanding on how to market myself, and it’s undoubtedly a vital point to enhance your music career. I’m still in the learning phase so you can take what I say with a grain of salt.

In this context, social media is your best friend. Utilize the free tools available to you to reach your audience that you would otherwise miss. I try to post something engaging everyday. Some posts are definitely better than others, and it’s pretty hard for me to consistently make awesome content, but I try my best. I’ll usually post something musical (me playing or rapping a clip of a song), personal (something I do or did with friends or on my own), artsy (digital design and graphic art), and funny (pretty self-explanatory). I’ll cycle through these four styles, one per day.

Moving onto the actual marketing materials for your release, you’ll want to make content ranging from pictures (you making the song or the album artwork), videos (music video or promo vids), story vids/pics (Snapchat or IG/FB story), and more. Mix it in with the content you create for social media. People will be put off if you post your album artwork five days in a row or only communicate to them to listen to your music. Keep it subtle and engaging. Oh, and use hashtags. I always hated hashtags, but it’s way easier to reach an audience if you us them.

3. Schedule and plan ahead.

Plan your release date and schedule your marketing materials around that. Once you know when your song is going to drop, mull over which days you think would be best to post certain videos and pictures. Remember to separate them across what you usually post.

If you’re planning on sending the song out to blogs and playlist curators, give them a week at the least to hear about your release. Most blogs will want to review unreleased music so give them enough time to do so. A site that I’ve used to reach music blogs and curators is (I’m not sponsored or anything). With it comes a lot of rejection and a few successes, but depending on your music, it could be very helpful to you.

Are you on Spotify? Definitely submit your music to Spotify Editorial. This will give you an opportunity to land your song on Spotify Playlists which is a really good deal for anyone trying to gain listeners. Make sure you submit your music a week or two before the release date though. They won’t accept anything after the release. You can read all about it here.

If you are filming a music video, have plenty of time to shoot it and have it edited. Keep in mind that issues may arise that delay your schedule, so that’s good to keep in mind too.

All in all, you’ll want to prepare your releases like any product launch by big companies. That’s how I prepared for my release; we’ll see how successful I am with it. For those who read through this whole post, I do hope that you gained some new knowledge or inspiration. These are all things I learned on my own through trial and error, and I hope that this will help guide you through a successful single or album release!

Much love,


Do you want me to dive deeper on any of the listed topics? Also, how did you prepare for your single/album release?

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