“You Are” Single Release

Well, I released another single on April 24th of 2020, and although this posting was created a week after the release date, I felt it necessary to establish my thoughts on this particular drop.

After a week of the release for “You Are“, I’ve seen the growth and results from the efforts provided by the Pacific Records team. I am happy to say that the Spotify campaign that they launched has led my newest song to reach over 1k streams (currently as I write this, it is at over 3k). Now, many will say that it is not much, but to me, this is another milestone and goal that I have set for myself achieved. Most of my songs do a few hundred streams at best, but this one has reached and gone above my expectations, which I am forever grateful for the listeners and Pacific Records.

To be honest, I was pretty reluctant on releasing this song. I tried a few new things like singing a bit more and having a more of a repetitive flow, which is a direction that I see myself currently going towards in my more recent songs. I’d say that this was a test-run on how this style may be received, and I am happy with the results. As time moves forward, I will likely write more music with catchy and poppy tunes.

As for the subject of the song, I wanted to create something that was very contrasting. The instrumental was meant to have a fun and uplifting vibe to it. Over what I would call a “cheerful” tune, I wrote lyrics that are self-reflective on how I often overthink in situations to the point of being detrimental to my own mental health. Like a lot of my songs, I am the protagonist and antagonist of my own story, fighting myself to be better but my growth is limited by my own shortcomings.

If you’d like, give it a listen down below with this lyrics music video!

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