WAKE UP LOW – Kubota’s Newest Single Release with Pacific Records

What is up everyone. Kubota here once more with another blog post/update on what’s going on. First and foremost, happy New Year to everyone who is reading this. I hope you all had a fruitful 2019 and continue to grow as an individual to better yourselves and those around you. I certainly have gone through a lot this year and matured a ton from a year ago. In fact, I’ve grown a whole lot since the time I wrote my next single released by Pacific Records.

This single is called “Wake Up Low”, written around 2018 and completed in 2019. It is released through Pacific Records, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work with this independent label. I’ll try my best to give you a brief description of how it sounds and then go into the subject matter of the lyrics which is much more important to me.

Listening to the instrumental or beat only, I think it’s got a pretty good rhythm. It’s got a fast and bumpy groove that a lot of people can move to for any Hip Hop and Rap fans out there. From what I’ve heard as feedback, it has a hype beat with sad lyrics on top. Wow, it’s weird trying to critique my own music. I probably won’t be doing this again for my future songs. I’ll keep this part short. Moving on.

Let me delve into detail on why I wrote this song. I wrote this song during a time that wasn’t necessarily a low point in my life, but a time where I was faced with some difficulties within myself. In a short sense, the song is about how every morning felt the same, a cycle of pointlessness to continue with the day. It’s about having a mindset that is devoid of any productive thoughts because the thought of simply waking up seems more so like a chore than the start of a new day. I wrote the lyrics with these thoughts and motivations in my head at the time. While I don’t have that same outlook anymore, it was a struggle to get over it at the time.

Some may find this to be depression; others may see it differently. I am not advocating the awareness of any kind of mental illness really. These lyrics were the true feelings I felt at the time and how I felt about myself. Take it as you will, but I hope it doesn’t come across as me advocating for something that I don’t personally fully understand. I wrote this song to be understood by a wide array of people going through a range of problems that may impede their abilities to continue with their lives. When it comes to our minds, it can really be ourselves that blocks the paths to our growth.

Below are the lyrics to my song “Wake Up Low”. Here is a link to my Spotify and Apple page as well, if you’d like to sing along to it. For those who can relate to this song, I wish the very best and a swift improvement to better your mentality and self. For those who enjoy the song, share it with someone who may relate to it or who may enjoy it themselves. I’d greatly appreciate it and love you forever.

Much love to all of you,

Wake Up Low released: January 17th 2020

I wake up, I don’t really know what to think
I wake up, I just want to stay in my sleep
I wake up, not ready to get on my feet
Starting my day up seems pointless in failure
I just want my mind in some peace
I shake off, the blues in the mornings and eat
Every day seems like a Monday, I count it and every day feels like a week
I stay in the shower for minutes, the only warmth in my chest, cold and deceased
Fuck it, sleep is the cousin of the death, and I don’t mind getting close to his niece

Bring it back to the days of the youth
Stayed away from the pain but now it’s creeping through
Every minute going by is just a minute too soon
Can’t be living in the past but I ain’t ready to move
And I know I got some issues, got problems too
Got wisdom but I don’t got the right tools to use
A fool in a dream living reality through
Another lens losing view of where reality stood
I live in a bubble, my mind feeling faulty
I’m chasing a dream that seems more like Jumanji
I don’t feel productive, I know I’m no Ali
Blood pressure high, probably why I’m so salty
I need to think about my future, because it literally comes with a cost
Got a list of responsibilities but I tricked myself into thinking its lost cause…

I wake up low
I wake up wake up low x3
I get high not to feel low anymore
Still I wake up wake up low

I’m passive, never taking action
Fact is I’ve had a blast in the days of my past
Still can but now I do it to distract
I wear a hundred-pound mask when you’re seeing me laugh
I’m okay
Don’t ask me questions okay
Don’t ask if you don’t care, save me the breath
I got little invested in my feelings to lend
Don’t want to know your shit
No point to pretend
(This is me)
I want to do it comfortably
But reaching that point seems so far for me
Pessimist with a little positivity
But losing faith in myself, lost the drive in me.
Don’t care about things I used to care about
Got more issues than a movie, getting Paramount.
I try to find the will to search for a better route
But I feel better, closed eyes, laying down
I want to sleep
Please don’t bother me
I’ll worry about it later, just don’t bother me
I’ll scurry for the paper as the future me
Right now, I’m feeling low in my coffin keep
It’s eating away like a cavity
Filling my mouth with a fallacy
Callus’ growing to slow on me
Seeing surroundings just passing me, casually
Please just don’t bother me cause…

I wake up low
I wake up wake up low x3
I get high not to feel low anymore
Still I wake up wake up low x2

Don’t know how to feel right now, I wake up low
Don’t know how to see myself, I wake up low
I see myself in the eyes of another
Standing in my way
Don’t know how to feel right now, I wake up low

I wake up low
I wake up wake up low x3
I get high not to feel low anymore
Still I wake up wake up low x2

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