Record Agreement Signing with Pacific Records

Pacific Record's logo found on their website.

I am pleased to announce my partnership with Pacific Records! As an artist, this is quite a big milestone, and I’m very excited to move forward with alongside with the Pacific team.

When I was first contacted by Pacific Records, my initial emotions consisted of exhilaration and fear, as I had not gained such interest from people with merit within the music industry. I’ve been an artist for quite some time now, but I never really spoke with someone from a label that was interested in my music. I was very happy to say the least, yet it took me some time for me to mull things over and gain a better grasp at what I eventually agreed to. Luckily, the team at Pacific create their deals with a thought forward for the musician, providing better deals than most labels may provide. I am very grateful to have come by them on which allows artists to connect with blogs and labels for a small cost.

With our announcement, I can finally say that I have reached this achievement in my career; that I’ve singed to an independent record label. While I am unaware of where this may take me and hopes are maintained at a reasonable level, I am simply overjoyed by the fact that people have shown an interest in my music. I understand that the future holds greater mysteries and the probability for success may always shift, but I am thrilled to move forward as an artist with Pacific Records alongside with me.

Big thanks to the Pacific Records team! Much love to all of you. Let’s get this cheddar.

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