Foxela’s “It’s All Love” featuring Kubota – Review from Singapore’s Hear65

Foxela's song "It's All Love" featuring Kubota - Single / Album cover

Foxela has a range of electronic styles that he produces. As a young and talented producer, he has built a loyal fanbase and gained a ton of traction over in Singapore. Check him out here.

I had the pleasure of working with Foxela while I studied abroad in Singapore. The music community is closely knit, and there are a lot of great artists that you can find in the 65. We met through a music app that connects artists with one another called Vampr, and thankfully, I got to meet my boy. After a few tracks and recordings being shared, we came up with this song. It was interesting writing to a style that differed from my own genre of Hip Hop and Rap, but I’m thankful for the challenge. The lyrics pretty much wrote themselves after I vibed with the instrumental for a bit, and my vocals came out better than expected, given the fact that it was recorded in my dorm room at the university I studied at.

After the song’s release, the feedback was great, and I’m thankful for all the people that showed their support for this track. A big shout out to my boy Foxela and the people from the music blog website, Hear65.

Here’s what the Hear65 had to say about our track:

“Singaporean electronic dance music wunderkind Foxela returns with a new track, ‘It’s All Love’, featuring Kubota. The track starts off with soft piano keys and electronic notes festering and bubbling underneath. As the percussions kick in, you hear Kubota laugh: A sign of things to come with the track. 

Without any build up, Kubota launches into a fun little rapped verse that sets the tone for the rest of the track, with its lively and bubbly flow and tempo. Foxela does a great job at matching Kubota’s flow, using his production prowess to elevate the verses and chorus. If you’ve listened to Foxela in the past, then you already know his production quality is on point. Foxela truly understands what he’s doing and at the end of the day, it’s all love.”

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